Solar panels, solar panels, solar vehicles, solar vehicles and boat charging mobile phones

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product information

Weight: 0.5kg Bureaus: 1 year Mao Weight: 0.6kg Packaging: Neutral Packaging Origin: Shenzhen Fuyong


Maximum Power (PMAX): 20W Output: Dual USB and DC5521 Open Voltage (VOC): 18 V Size: 435*200*2.5mm Short -circuit current (ISC): 1.1A Packaging Size: 440*210*30mm

Product specification

Use mobile phones, MP3, MP4 other USB charging devices.

Two pairs of USB ports, USB entrustment cables are easy to be responsible.

You can configure the panel on the sun and charge the device directly.

Wild bicycles, climbing, pirates, camping, travel, etc.


USB output: 5 V

USB port quantity: double

DC12-18V solar battery version voltage:

Material: Polyester silicone

Solar panel power: 20W

These two output one DC18V other USB 5 V (except 10 W)

DC18 V charging is suitable for objects: bicycles, mountain climbing, hiking, camping, travel, etc.

1. Features

Environmental protection, stay away from the sun, take the green road!

The conversion efficiency is high, and our polysilicon efficiency can reach 20%.

Light and easy to carry.

The charging temperature is -20-70 degrees Celsius.

Flexible solar panels, maximum bending 30 degrees arcs.

Short -circuit and surge technology make you and your equipment safe.

Durable, waterproof, durable.

Wide application, suitable for security cameras, laptops, car batteries, automobiles, travel cars, ships, aircraft, satellites, space stations, outdoor farming, planting, tourism, solar street lights, etc.

2. Packaging list:

1*Solar panel

1*Tiger clip

1*Car charger







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