Quality Control Inspections

Product Inspections

Biggersourcing provides quality control inspections to verify product quality and quantity according to predetermined specifications.

In today's fast-paced market with decreasing product life cycles and shorter time-to-market, delivering quality products in a timely manner is increasingly challenging. When a product fails to meet the required quality standards for market acceptance, it can result in loss of goodwill, revenue, delayed shipments, wasted materials, and the potential risk of a product recall.

Quality Control Inspections Procedure

The typical quality control inspections involve four primary steps. Depending on the product, supplier experience, and other factors, any one or all of these steps may be applicable to your needs.

Pre-production Inspections (PPI):

Before production starts, our quality control inspection of raw materials and components ensures they meet your specifications and are available in sufficient quantities to meet the production schedule. This service is valuable if you have experienced issues with materials or component replacements or if you are working with a new supplier involving many outsourced components and materials.

During Production Inspections (DPI):

During production, products are inspected to verify that they meet the quality requirements and specifications. This process is useful in identifying the root cause of repeated defects in production, allowing for timely resolution and improvement in the production process.

Pre-Shipment Inspections (PSI):

After production is completed, a pre-shipment inspection is conducted to verify that the goods being shipped adhere to your requirements. This is the most common service ordered and works well with suppliers you have previous experience with.

Piece by Piece Inspections (or Sorting Inspection):

A Piece by Piece Inspection can be carried out as a pre or post-packaging inspection, where every item is evaluated for general appearance, workmanship, function, safety, etc., as specified by you.

Container Loading Inspections (LS):

Container Loading Inspection ensures that Biggersourcing technical staff monitors the entire loading process, confirming that your order is complete and securely loaded into the container before shipment. This is the final opportunity to confirm compliance with your requirements in terms of quantity, assortment, and packaging.

Benefits of Quality Control Inspections:

Implementing quality control inspections at various stages of the production process helps you monitor product quality, ensure compliance with requirements, and support on-time delivery. Some of the key benefits include:

Meeting customer expectations for qualified, safe products.

Ensuring smooth procedures at every production stage.

Avoiding payments for defective goods by verifying quality at the source.

Preventing recalls and reputation damage.

Anticipating production and shipment delays.

Optimizing your quality control budget.

Other QC Inspection Services:

In addition to the primary inspection services mentioned above, Biggersourcing also offers the following:

Sample Checking

Metal Detection

Loading/Unloading Supervision

Why are Quality Control Inspections important?

As quality expectations and safety requirements become increasingly complex, ensuring that your products meet these standards is crucial. Failure to meet quality expectations can lead to various negative consequences, such as loss of goodwill, revenue, customers, delayed shipments, wasted materials, and potential product recalls.



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